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A little bit of understanding and an open mind can go a long way in making your relationship with others a lot happier and healthier. We all want to be understood, loved, and appreciated. We want to gain the trust and loyalty of our friends and we yearn for the respect and admiration of our loved ones. Every human being wants to feel a sense of belonging with those that he/she considers ”family”. It takes only a little more effort on our part to analyze, observe and understand the minds of others, especially our loved ones. We Power Infinity will help you become a more thoughtful, caring and affectionate person who values the emotions, feelings, and sentiments of others. From love life to parenting advice to healthy friendships and interpersonal relationships, we cover a myriad of topics like building trust, selflessness, anger, egotism and so on based on sociological, anthropological concepts and theories. Become a Maverick in planning and organizing events and activities for your significant other, your kids or your entire family with our informative guides and resources.