Science Of Snooze: Why You Need Sleep And How To Get Enough

For everyone who has an unrequitted love affair with sleep.

Good sleep makes everything better. Sadly, sleep favors only a fortunate few who seem to be able to summon it in the snap of a finger, as soon as their head hits the pillow. Their ‘power’ seems almost supernatural to the rest of us disadvantaged souls. 

In the mad rush of urban life, we tend to ignore their sleeplessness, just like we do one of those sudden throbbing or pulsating headaches we get every now and then. We assume that it is something commonplace and that all busy, stressed out people live with sleep problems.

Sleep has a tremendous impact on the general health, agility and functioning of the body and mind. We rarely pay attention to the subtle and sometimes even blaring signals that our bodies send us to let us know that we aren’t getting quality shut-eye. 

Amazing things happen within our bodies in the sleep state. The magic begins with the gradual relaxation of muscles and placid breathing, the regulation of blood pressure and heart rate, followed by the restoration of energy and repairing of tissues, ending with the release of vital growth hormones as well as the control of appetite hormones. 

Unfortunately, for the majority of the population, inadequate sleep or an irregular doze pattern is leading to disruption in some of the most important functions of the body. Atleast 40 million US citizens suffer from chronic sleep disorders according to data gathered by the NINDS.

Every person could have a number of underlying issues and medical conditions that make good slumber unattainable. But each of us can help ourselves become better snoozers if we make a set of adjustments to the way we do things. When it comes to matters of health and wellness, even a simple change can work wonders. Most of these tips simply suggest a different approach to doing the things you do on a daily basis. A better organized environment, a less intrusive leisure activity, a stricter schedule for ‘bright lights and fun’ – a few little improvements will make sleep come in search of you. 

Effects of Poor Sleep and How to Sleep Better



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