Home Makeover – Why You Need One And How To Get Started

Home is where the heart is. It isn’t a mystery why our body and mind instantly relax the moment we unlock the door and step into our homes after a busy day at work. No matter how our day was, our humble abode is that single, constant comfort zone that evokes in us a sense of belonging. That’s precisely why we call a favorite place, our second home. However, in the mad rush of commitments and clutter, we often fail to realize just how important it is to make sure that our homes help us feel at home. As much as you unwind, relax and rejuvenate yourself at home, you are also inadvertently letting your space pile up with the remains of a disorderly or unmindful lifestyle.

A neglected home cannot contribute much to our mental well-being and that’s why it pays manifold to show our man caves and she sheds some love!

Psychologists have observed that interior design is quietly influencing your subconscious every day. The philological effect behind the design of your home goes a long way in enabling you to analyze your psyche and adjust your perceptions. Ever noticed how some wall colors and the tint of some wall decor seem to strangely put you off or exude bad vibes that trigger unpleasant emotions? Yeah, that’s science. Legendary German poet and playwright, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe speaks about this phenomenon in his book, Theory of Colours.

If you’re in need of a revamping plan to improve the look and feel of your home, here are some great makeover tips for everyone, no matter the style sense or the budget.

Put it on paper.

drafting your home design Sketch out a floor plan and start marking the spaces that need attention.

Let your ideas make the transition from mental imagery to a tangible draft. Once you’re serious about the makeover mission, it’s time to break out the stationery and get to work. Empty walls, a cluttered desk, an old shelf that needs a new lease of life – anything that bothers you when you look around your house.

Decide upon the dimensions of each object that you wish to add to the scene and make the necessary markings on your draft. This will help you judge the positioning and spacing better. Woodworkers and designers will also get a better picture of what you are looking for. 


Zero-in on the right theme.

scandinavian minimalist home interior design

Remember to use moderation when you commit to a theme because you wouldn’t want your homestead looking like a conceptual art museum of sorts.

A home that reflects your style will always keep you confident and charged up. If you’re a nature lover, you’d probably be a fan of ethnic earthenware, flea market trinkets, handmade articles and natural fabrics.

Go for an eye-catching center piece or wall mural that describes your style. For instance, a life-size tin poster of a movie icon or Broadway musical or even a reinterpretation of classical art. Whimsical imagery can add drama to any drab space. 

themed art pieces for your home

If Scandinavian decor is your cup of tea, consider using indirect lighting, predominantly white walls, tripod lamps, monochromatic lounge chairs or accent chairs and shelves that emphasize clean lines. 

Home decor is meant to compliment the look of your home and subtly express your unique style as well as the emotions that matter the most to you.


Pick objets d’art that reflect your personality.

home decor theme

Think about the ‘aura’ you want your living area to wear. Your room needs a character of its own.

The problem with making a daring style statement is that you may not feel as appreciative of it in the course of time as you probably did at first. For instance, a few days into your refashioned home, it suddenly hits you that the Monalisa Kitsch Art poster with Bart Simpson’s head isn’t as funny as it seemed when you bought it. To avoid regrets, consider sticking to your unique identity and spicing it up with popular references from your favorite style or era of art/literature. After all, it is your own skin that keeps you the most comfortable. When you’re out shopping for art items, try to visualize the desired arrangement to pick the ones that would fit together well and create harmony. Sometimes gaudy art can clash with other objects and upset the pattern or tempo.

  • artsy objects for home designInstantly give your living room a luxurious and cozy look with a simple rug. Choose a Persian-style piece for summer and go big on faux wool during winter. They come in fancy prints and colors that instantly add life to monotonous 
  • Try refashioning used cups, cans, and containers to give indoor plants a trendy display. They make great wall adornments and it’s needless to say that having a lot of green around the room can lighten up your life.
  • Mirrors not only help to create an illusion of a larger space but also offer great potential as a captivating piece of art. The best thing about them is their versatility. You can achieve elegance and charm whatever style you choose – you could go for an exquisite Baroque or Rococo mirror with elaborate carvings or choose an oversized contemporary installation as your center piece.


Color contrasts and combinations.

color harmony - home makeoverColorful decor doesn’t necessarily mean a flash of several different colors all at once. A few catchy hues against a plain background is the way to go if you want to create a pleasant ensemble.

Colors can influence your mind, enthusiasm, and mood every single day. The wrong choices can silently wreak havoc with your emotions and you wouldn’t even know what’s rocking your mood swings. Harsh colors like red and sometimes their darker variations can trigger irritability while purple and blue can help you calm down and fall asleep quicker. It’s important to choose colors that have a calming effect on your senses.

Color can also be used to imbibe a playful mood into monotony. If you have plain furniture, choose accessories like throw pillows and rugs that have intricate patterns or an interesting array of colors. When it comes to color, don’t restrict yourself to walls, floors, and furniture.

Consider introducing a color arrangement through mantel shelf pieces and other adornments.  Flowers do wonders to help promote a rich and pleasing color contrast with the surrounding elements. If you want to strike the right chord when it comes to color combinations, consult color palettes to find inspiration. HGTV.com curates some of the most contemporary color schemes.  


Keep it simple.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Interior design that has minimalistic sensibilities at its core enjoys a strange allure that very few ornate decor can inspire. Minimalism is not a lack of things. It doesn’t mean living without stuff. Rather it is a lifestyle of shunning excessiveness. 

Remember that human proclivities are never constant. Ideas are meant to evolve and change and that’s why you should be able to alter, remove and modify whenever you feel like something isn’t working out for you.

Unless you’ve got a huge budget at your disposal, it’s always best to try and find cheaper alternatives and tap the reusability potential of old furniture and decor items. 

If you’re game for it, go ahead and try some DIY remodeling projects for wood painting and carpentry on Pinterest.

home makeover - keep it minimalIt’s the best bet at showcasing your creative side as well as saving big bucks and you’ll thank yourself for not discarding all the old coffee tables and boring book cabinets. 



We hope you liked our suggestions. Have more to add? Share your ideas with us in the comments.



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