sukanya - we power infinitySukanya

Creative Developer | |   

Sukanya is a writer, artist and information design nerd who is passionately curious about building exciting ventures and projects that hold promise as catalysts of social change. With a degree in entrepreneurial studies, she works to create and empower distinctive brand identities, specifically for social business organizations, striving to give them a unique and engaging persona.

A keen observer of human behavior, she enjoys applying her experiences and knowledge in creating products and services that help people from all walks of life get closer to their dreams and goals.  


stephen - we power infinityStephen Raju

Ideator |   

Stephen Raju is an accomplished consultant and adviser for business and governance who has worked with leading corporations to help build compliance and adaptability that would stand the test of time.

A neo-generalist in his own right, his unending hunger for knowledge often leads him to explore theories and skills across numerous subjects of interest ranging from project management to marketing, to leadership and startup business setup.

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