10 Signs You Are Driven By Your Dream

Goal-oriented people are a rare kind. We bet you are one.

Be it a profession or a passionate hobby, some of us can’t get a good night’s sleep until we are satisfied with the pace at which we are moving towards our goals. But sometimes, we don’t appreciate the effort we put in just because they don’t measure up to the level we had in mind for a given period. Every now and then you think you aren’t pushing yourself enough – that your dream might be slipping away from you. Sure, action-oriented people find fulfillment in recordable progress. But progress is happening in more ways than you realize.

Here are 10 signs that show your game is on and there’s no stopping you from reaching your goal.


1. You are always looking for ideas and inspiration.

thinking of new ideasYou never really cease to look for ideas that can make your work better. You observe people and incidents closely with an open mind intent on learning new lessons. You seek out new experiences, new people with lives different from yours so you can learn to regard your dream mission from unexplored and unfamiliar angles.

2. You believe you can do better.

pushing limitsYou set your targets higher and higher each day because you yearn to be better than you were yesterday. You don’t tire easily until you are satisfied with the output you gave. If you do reach that ultimate potential, you promptly move on to another goal because you don’t want to let one victory get to your head. It rather gives you a thirst for more.


3. You feel the most like yourself when you’re doing your thing.

feeling alive

Working on your chosen area of interest gives you a sense of purpose and you are able to feel more confident about your identity and your role in the larger scheme of things. The feeling that you are laying out the path to the accomplishment of your dream makes you feel radiant and alive.


4. Your dream has a plan.

planning like a pro

You are serious about your journey. You have a plan and an approach that is evolving every day to adapt to the progress you are making and to accommodate the newer challenges you did not recognize earlier. Just watching the checklists and habit trackers fill up gives you a surge of ambition to persist and improve.


5. Anything can be motivation for you.

motivated every day

Your mind feeds on positivity. You are moved by anything you come across that is earnest and noble. Just watching a video of a child single-mindedly trying to get out of its crib can trigger the fighter in you and charge you up enough to face your day’s task. Anything you see that is a result of hard work never fails to inspire you.


6. You don’t let other people’s stories have an effect on your plot.

your journey is special

Your journey is special to you. You acknowledge that everyone has their own goals, and their own approaches to achieving them. You understand that comparing yourself with them will neither give an accurate picture nor is it worth your time. You consciously measure your growth only against what you believe you are capable of achieving, with the fullest passion.


7. You’ve become more self-disciplined.

being your own leader

You’re at that point when your mentor’s help isn’t always necessary for you to fall into routines and keep going even when the levels get tougher. You are improving at setting limits for yourself, recording your gains and monitoring your behavior. You even have a handful of valuable preemptive advice for anyone who is thinking about joining your field of interest.


8. Minor setbacks don’t derail you.

giving up is not an option

Things that normal people state as excuses don’t make sense to you. When the going gets tough, that’s when your resolve toughens because you believe that if you were to give up on account of a rough patch, you wouldn’t be able to live with the fact that an opportunity has slipped. So you take your broken heart and make it into art, as Carrie Fisher once famously said.


9. Practicing is a way of life.

practice makes perfect

Practice time is synonymous with ‘me’ time to you. Preparation and fine-tuning your skills have become so much a part of your life that every time you take a break from, your mind isn’t ever completely relaxed. You feel that your days aren’t complete without at least a few minutes spent practicing the moves and techniques that you need to effectively carry out your dream project.


10. You embrace the journey.

shaped by sacrifices

No matter how crazy a roller coaster of emotions your passion has led you to experience, you are thankful for every bit of it because it all played a huge role in shaping you. You are who you are because of your trials and the grace with which you overcome obstacles to prove your worth. Every struggle is a chance for you to grow and mature and you wouldn’t ever wish you didn’t have to go through them.

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