15 Tips For A Simple, Happy And Successful Life

Take control and start living the life of your dreams!

We all fantasize a simpler life where your goals are more attainable, one with peace of mind and lesser stress. Some of us might be taking little steps towards making it a reality. If simplifying your life, organizing your thoughts and decluttering your mind are your objectives, here are some ways to go about it.





We all experience spurts of creativity when we least expect it. Like while taking a shower or doing dishes. But our brains can’t hold more than a handful pieces of information in the short term. You may be greatly convinced that you can keep things in mind but there is always some detail that fades from memory in a few hours. So do yourself a favor and keep a journal or sketch pad handy. 






The secret to higher productivity and lesser distractions according to some researchers is to allow oneself to take time off and unwind doing what one loves. Be it relaxation, fun with friends or entertainment, anything to let yourself loosen up and rejuvenate the mind can work wonders. Being too stringent on yourself and depriving fun and rest can have a negative impact on your focus and energy. Moreover, when you let yourself fulfill your urge to have a leisurely time, your mind can then focus better on the tasks at hand. 






Show yourself some tough love and distract yourself from cravings. Most often, the reason we feel hungry at odd times during the day happens to be boredom, impatience, anger or anxiety. Be more aware of these feelings so that you can control your ‘food-swings’.







Confusion, doubt, anger and other hard feelings pile up like dirty clothes every single day. No matter how difficult it is to initiate reconciliatory efforts, it gives one a profound sense of tranquility.








Workout your brain and body. Don’t let your mind stay idle for long. Even when you are relaxing, train your mind with puzzles and quizzes that test your logical thinking. Exercising the body feeds more oxygen to the brain as well as other organs ensuring that you are alert and agile at all times. 








Focus on the bright side of things. Appreciate the good things that emerge from challenges and setbacks. Recognize the opportunity for growth that is hidden behind every trial and tribulation. 






Take control over your emotions. With purposeful mind training, it is indeed possible to take stock of your mood and temperament. Often something as simple as solving a crossword puzzle can distract you from negative thoughts. It is not a long-term fix and mental health issues need professional attention but a few simple tactics to herd your thoughts can come in handy at crucial times. 

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Do things that give you a sense of fulfillment. Whether it is cooking a dish to perfection that makes you feel ecstatic or posting a snapchat of your guitar sessions – simply doing something you love and seeing a result you can be proud of will fill you up with radiance.







Make friends with time. Time wants you to catch up with it. The secret lies in setting limits, planning ahead and a bit of self-control. Use a daily habit/activity tracker to practice falling into schedules.








Learn from the past, don’t dwell on it. If the past serves one purpose, it is to show feedback on all your decisions and attitudes. Spend a few moments recalling how you handled past situations and identify what could have been done better. Think about how far you’ve come in life and make a promise to yourself to keep up the progress. 







Focus your energy and time on the things that matter. It is the age of information overload and that brain juice of yours needs to be spent wisely. Does no good to jam it with too many details, events, and mental images. Try and reduce the noise. Simplify the way you work so that your attention stays on the most important details. 







Shuck off memories, objects, and acquaintances that add no value. Stop hoarding feelings and connections that put a strain/drain on your happiness, your relationship with others or your peace of mind. Your energy is invaluable and it is up to you to decide who or what consumes it. 







Invest in your ‘Me Time’. Set aside a special budget to fund your hobbies and interests. Buy a musical instrument or enroll in a certification course on a subject you are passionate about. Set time aside to spend in solitude or in the company of a few people with whom you have a close connection. And during that time, make it a ritual to have new experiences that will make the most epic memories. “Remember that evening we spent lying in bed scrolling through Facebook?”, said no one ever.






Read a good book or watch a great TV series. Set practical Netflix schedules so that you can jump back into reality and avoid feeling hungover. If you come across a great scene or paragraph, take notes. Pin your favorite speeches and quotes and scenes. Note down references you want to learn more about.







Don’t make excuses to put off a new start. Remember that life is too short for wasted opportunity. Don’t keep waiting for a cue, for an easier way or for someone else to motivate you. Go for it even if you feel unprepared. You need to start somewhere even to qualify as an ‘amateur’.





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