10 Texts For Dad That Will Put A Smile On His Face

And maybe even make him tear up a little. :)

Dads have taught us so many things by example – being patient, making sacrifices, and striving to be there to stand by our side despite being tired or preoccupied. Now that you’re all grown up and busy with your own lives, your dad would be hoping that you’re okay or wondering what you’re up to. Fathers just want to be sure that their kids are doing alright, living well and working hard. They also love to be of help to you if you ever need a hand with work or family stuff. It gives dads so much peace of mind, joy and a bit of pride to hear things from you. Something about work, a childhood memory, a dad joke he might enjoy, just about anything to show him you think of him frequently. 

Fathers work hard to build a future for their children. Sending them a heartfelt message to show your love, respect, and admiration every now and then is a good way to show appreciation. A few simple and honest words can brighten up their mood for days. Here are a couple text messages that your Dad will love to see.


1. Assure him that his words have had an impact on you.

message for dad - advice








2. Show him that his sacrifices are remembered.

 message for dad - thanks for the sacrifices







3. Let Dad know you’re all ears when he wants to talk.

message for dad - let's talk








4. Thank Dad for all the years of grooming.

message for dad - thanks for the lessons








5. Show him how much he inspires you.








6. Remind him that it is about time he started thinking about his own desires.

message for dad - reminder to live








7. Tell him you will live up to live up to his name. And how much his good wishes matter to your success. 

 message for dad - wish me luck







8. Let Dad know you miss him. 

message for dad - let's hang out









9. Help Dad put his worries to rest. 

 message for dad - don't worry







10. Show him that family always sits front and center in your heart.

 message for dad - family love







Don’t wait for an occasion. Send Dad a text today!



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