7 Signs You Have Great Friends

True friends make the world go round!

Photo credit: e-mariano via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Our lives are greatly defined by the quality of our friendships. True friends are a rare treasure and you are extremely lucky to have some in your life. But that also means that you are a great friend yourself. So what makes up a remarkable friendship? We think these qualities matter.


1. Your friends communicate candidly about how they feel.

friends who tell it as it is.

Your best friends always give their honest opinion about things especially if they think not doing so might put you in an undesirable situation. They know how much of an influence their opinion can have on you and that you trust them a great deal.


2. They do more than they say.

friends who mean what they say

Your besties stand testimony to the fact that to really care is to show it in action. They get down to business and show how much they care about you and your life through actual effort, unlike the others who only say they care. There is no question of making time for one another rather, you share so much of your daily lives together, you are practically family. 


3. Your differences don’t get in the way of enjoying each other’s company.

differences don't break friends

Your friends understand that your beliefs and ideologies don’t necessarily coincide all the time and you guys have found your own way of putting aside your differences and getting things done together. It could be by professing mutual respect for each other’s viewpoints or engaging in really intense debate if that is how you choose to find harmony between your contrasting ideas while also getting to know each other better. Anyhow, you believe that the contrast between you is what keeps things fun and interesting.


4. They don’t leave you in the dark.

friends you can trust

They don’t have to hint at things like how much they need you in their life or how happy they are to see you. You both know how much you love each other’s company and there is no need to hide that. You will be the first to hear about everything that’s happening in their life. You know all their personalities just as well as they know all of yours.


5. Your friends don’t find it hard to apologize/forgive.

friends without ego

All strong bonds are built on the ability to realize one’s own flaws as much as the willingness to forgive the other person’s flaws. They forgive a lot by forgetting because there is so much more stuff for you to do together. No grudges held. Apologies are easy too because they aren’t usually egotistic with you. No shame in accepting their mistakes because they know you value your relationship above all flaws.


6. They want the best for you.

friends who are your fans

Your friends are your greatest supporters who may sometimes even do embarrassing things just to make you smile on a particularly dull day. They are your personal cheerleaders who egg you on to go wild and lose all apprehension. Whenever it’s your time to perform or prove yourself, you get a tremendous boost from seeing them cheer for you. In that moment, you truly believe you can do anything. 


7. Your circle is special in ways that others can’t see.

friends who are special

Your group of friends rocks your world and they might be a mad bunch but you wouldn’t change a thing because it’s their quirkiness that makes your squad absolutely awesome. You make people wonder how you and your besties manage to maintain a rock solid bond while juggling career, family and other responsibilities. Little do they know that nothing in your life could have worked out so beautifully and perfectly if not for your trusty friends. They’ve gone to great lengths as your pillars of support without letting the whole world know what they’ve done for you.

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