5 Ways To Stay Positive And Survive A Bad Day

A bad day doesn't stand a chance against your willpower.

Everyday stressful situations put us in a foul mood, demotivate us and mess up the clarity and quality of our thoughts. The true sign of perseverance is the ability to bounce back from an adversity, ready to face the next day with grit and grace. Staying positive is not about shutting out your problems and thinking everything’s sorted. It’s about taking measured steps to take stock of the damages and fix them. You are likely one of those people for whom giving up in the face of difficulty is not an option that sits well with their self-esteem. If you need to perfect the skill of quick resurgence, here are some helpful tips. 


stay positive - don't lose hope1. Don’t give up on yourself.

A bad day doesn’t mean it’s the end. There is more to you than your mistakes. ‘Tomorrow’ is a gift for those who wish to prove that. It is a damaging habit to blame yourself for everything that goes wrong. 

This would be a bad time to shut out the world and sit by yourself brooding over the damage done. If you feel responsible, commit to making the situation better and focus on how to do it. Get in touch with someone who has faced (and aced) a similar challenge and seek their guidance. You don’t have to push yourself to instantly think up a solution but talking to people who have informed perspectives to offer can help boost your morale. 


2. Pull the brakes on overthinking.

The human brain has this weakness where it makes up imaginary problems where there exist none. Anxiety brews when we fail to flag down the train of negative thoughts. Once it creeps in, it gets harder to push oneself to think about what to do next or even accept positive affirmations. Don’t let the bitter taste of today’s failure and misfortune kill your appetite for tomorrow’s sweet promise of success. 


3. Laugh without a reason.

Sometimes laughter is an involuntary reaction to amusement. Other times, it is a purposeful inducement that can help brighten one’s own mood. When you laugh out loud, you experience relief from chronic stressful thoughts. stay positive - laugh without a reasonThe stress hormone Cortisol goes into overdrive when you don’t take a break from feeling stressed and if you didn’t know this before, elevated cortisol levels mean a higher risk of depression, mental illness, and lower life expectancy.

That’s why having a hearty laugh helps to relieve stress and break the cycle. If laughter therapy isn’t your thing, spend time with someone who helps you look at things in a lighter vein, and ultimately helps you feel less under the pressure of the situation and avoid hasty decisions.

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4. Don’t deprive yourself of care.

Don’t punish yourself just because you messed up once. Treating yourself wrong lays the foundation for self-doubt, pessimism, lethargy, and a whole lot of negativity you don’t have time for. Remember that you need to have conviction in your abilities and your strength more than anybody else.

Do not make the mistake of punishing yourself with neglect and abandon. It only drains you of the power you have to fix your problems. Eat by the regular diet plan, do the usual workout routine – pay attention to your physical needs even when you don’t feel worthy. A strong mind and body are prerequisites for developing a fearless positive attitude.


stay positive - take care of yourself5. Take a break and turn to a clear horizon.

A substantial amount of research indicates that the best ideas for what psychologists refer to as ‘insight problems‘ come when you least expect it, that is, during the period of the day when your brain is typically least alert. No matter how hard you think about the solution for a problem, nothing helps sharpen your thought process more than a clear, relaxed mind. Stop pacing the floor and go take a shower, go for a short walk or cook something.

At the end of the day, look into the mirror and remind yourself that although today might have been catastrophic, it definitely will be a defining moment in your life that is going to help you make many good days out of the ones to come.


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